Fuel Tank Safety Level 1&2 (Initial & Continuation)

Amount of Students: 18
Teacher: Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering
Released: 01-02-2016
Price (excl VAT): € 50.00

Certificate: Finish all lessons and pass final exam
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This Fuel Tank Safety Training Course includes theoretical and practical Fuel Tank Safety elements and is developed to meet the EASA part 145.A.30(e), part M.A.706(f) Personnel Requirements and EASA part 145.B.10 (3) and part M.B.102(c) Competent Authority (Qualification and training requirements). This course takes about 6 hours to complete.

Price (excl VAT)

Subscription period Price (excl VAT)
3 Months: € 50



This is a Fuel Tank Safety Continuation training course. As a prerequisite you need to have followed an inital Fuel Tank Safety Training course in compliance with EASA Part 145.A.30 Personnel Requirements.