The Lost Secret Of Driving Games  

The Lost Secret Of Driving Games

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Perhaps one of the most well-liked kinds of Flash games is the Bubble Shooter sort of game, a really uncomplicated idea that has produced some of the ultimate polished flash games enjoyed by masses of people every day.

The standard idea behind the average bubble type games is truly simple, a bunch of colored bubbles are in a group, and the player will typically have some manner of shooting one bubble at a time into the primary group, with the purpose being to match a certain amount of the same color (usually 3 or more). Most of the time the primary group of bubbles spreads the width of the screen, one or two rows to begin with at the top of the screen, and gradually coming down towards the bottom with more rows. The players task is to shoot and match groups of bubbles fast enough to get rid of the oncoming group of bubbles.

That is the typical bubble shooter game but as with every type of game various different varieties have been created, and some games that feature bubbles do so in a completely different and original way. One instance of such a unique game is Bubble Trouble, starring a duck and Big Bouncing bubbles that have to be split down to destruction. It is an incredibly cool and fun game and really it is a bubble shooter game (because you have to shoot bubbles) but for a regular bubble game fan, it will be completely foreign territory.

Some of the more standard variations include a center of the screen group of bubbles instead of the falling rows, and another cool game that has spawned a genre all of its own is Zuma games. Essentially the original Zuma game is a variant of the classic bubble shooter game, after all the aim of the game is to match sets of jewels, the jewels travel round in a growing circle but essentially the core priniciples have been built of the bubble game style.

One thing that a lot of the best bubble games have in common is the wide spread popularity they gather. Because they are simple and quick many people use these games to pass 5 or 10 minutes of time perhaps during a break at work or something. With cool high score contests and other social elements tied in to many of the best gaming sites it is easy to see why people come back to play their favorite bubble game over and over again. Bubble shooter games truly are a simple yet highly addictive genre of Online games.